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Brandy Lynn Lawson has a wonderul daugher named  Annalia Jo Lawson who was recently diagnosed with a fibromyxiod sarcoma at the age of 2. She is so strong and full hearted, so independant and willful. Her surgery is much more than anticipated (as far as everything goes).... She has a very high success rate, Brandy and her fiance are hopeful with this type of cancer to kick its butt!!! They are asking for donations and any help we can recieve....1 dollar to 1 million.... please help us get our little angel better!!! This money will go towards her getting healthy and back to the spunky two year old princess we know!!!

"We cannot express how grateful we are for any help we recieve!!! Thank you so so so much!!"

This information has been added directly from their go fund me account...

This family are long standing customers with Vaporifics and know our staff personally.

If you feel like you can help, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/mojo-for-jo-jo to donate!!