About us

Our Story

Vaporifics originated from one person’s desire to stop smoking cigarettes and it has grown through the years. We continue to do our very best to help others switch to a (H#######R *FDA CENSORED*) alternative while keeping them informed and providing the best possible customer service at the best possible price. This is our story.

In May 2009, I had a lot of big changes in my personal life. My husband and I put our house on the market and sold it in ONE WEEK! We quickly found another one, closed on it May 15th, began moving in and doing some repairs. My birthday was the very weekend we moved in and all the family were gathered together…..my oldest son announces to everyone that a baby was on the way! I was floored and overwhelmed and 40!

Everyone has a reason to stop smoking cigarettes and my reason was that little baby on its way, she   was my WHY! So I bought my last cigarette in June 2009 because my son suggested this baby should have a smoke free environment and I agreed. Smoking started for me, as it does for so many people, because I had parents who smoked. I remember walking to the store to buy my mother a pack of cigarettes, run them to her as she needed them, and bring her lighter and so on. Then naturally one day I entertained puffing on one and then snagging a few…she won’t notice. By the age of 14, I was a regular pack a day smoker. I had tried to quit for my own children, and managed to stay quit for 4 years with the patch, only to be lured back in. After all, I enjoyed the relaxation of smoking and the reward of sitting down to puff after getting done with a task. I tried to quit again in 2007 and failed quickly. This time no patch, gum, lozenges, or even Chantex worked for me.  But with the right reason and the satisfaction I got from using an electronic cigarette, I beat smoking and have steadily decreased my nicotine intake from 24mg to 3mg. I do still like a little nicotine in my e-liquid, but that is OK with me compared to a pack a day of regular cigarettes.

When I first started everyone kept asking me what is that? What is it like? Does it work? Can I get one? I soon started ordering them for family and friends, then their family and friends and so on and so on…until one day I had strangers showing up at my door to buy them.  I knew right then and there that I had to open a place where people could come to purchase electronic cigarettes and supplies.  We started our website in December 2010 and our first mall kiosk in the VF Outlet Mall in Sulphur Springs, TX in May 2011. We had three things back in those days to sell; a 510 kit with 510 cartomizers (some pre-filled), an eGo Kit with 510 atomizers, and e-liquid….50 flavors!

In the way of products, a lot has changed since then. We now have a ton of choices in products and flavors. We have three store locations in East Texas, a distribution center, an airtight lab, and our website that continues to ship around the USA.  But we have remained strong in our ability to keep up with the newest innovations in the Vaping World, and our commitment to providing our customers with the knowledge they seek, all while providing the best possible service around. We take pride that our stores have a comfortable family-friendly environment that is bright and cheerful! The last thing I want any customer to feel when walking into a Vaporifics store is that they are walking into a head shop or a bar.  Rather, we want them to feel like part of the family and that it is OK to sit a while and visit. Our customers love our website’s fast shipping, our friendly stores and our smiling staff and we think you will too!